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Your wedding day will be the biggest day of your life and there’s nothing more special than having all of your friends and family watch you and your partner make a lifelong commitment to each other.  However, you may have friends or family overseas, or unable to travel to your wedding destination.  A live stream means they can take part in your day, no matter where they may be in the world.


the next best thing to being there

If you have friends or family who are elderly, immobile or unable to travel, you can still invite them to your ceremony.  Let them be there for you and experience your wedding day from wherever they are.  A livestream lets them feel like they are right there with you and is the next best thing to them being there.


perfect for destination weddings

If you and your partner are tying the knot overseas, or in a remote location, make it easy for guests who can’t get away from work or other commitments back home.  Joining your livestream takes only as long as the ceremony and makes it much more practical for them to feel like they are there.


Unlimited attendees, fixed cost

Having a big wedding can be very expensive.  With per-guest costs ranging up into the hundreds per-head, a livestream enables you to invite as many people as you like to watch your wedding, all for a fixed cost.  

Just imagine, you could invite your entire Facebook friend list if you wanted to!


share your ceremony live from just $1,500

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Invite family and friends around the world

Share your special day with everyone back home, or living abroad.  No matter where they may be – it’s just like they’re there with you!

The next best thing to being there

Those who are elderly, immobile, have work commitments, or are otherwise unable to attend in-person don’t need to miss out on your wedding day.  Invite them with a livestream!

Unlimited viewers

Have an unlimited number of people watching your livestream at no additional cost.  We only charge a single, fixed fee, regardless of how many viewers you have.

Perfect for destination weddings

When you’re getting married overseas, it can be almost impossible for all of your friends and loved ones to attend in person.  Travel costs, passports and work commitments can often get in the way.  A livestream means they can still be a part of your special day, even if they can’t make it in person.

How We do it

We capture every moment of your wedding ceremony in ultra-high definition, from multiple angles.

Your wedding day will be covered from all angles, with a multi-camera setup, controlled by a professional technician.

Our technician will review your wedding runsheet with you and ensure we have a camera set up to cover all the key parts of your ceremony.  On the day, your live stream will switch between cameras on-cue to ensure your viewers always get the best view of what’s happening.

We use only the highest quality video and audio equipment, so your viewers will feel like they’re there with you. 

discreet and out of the way

We make sure everything is as out-of-sight as possible so as not to interfere with the look of your special day. 

We use the most compact models of our production cameras available, positioned as far away as possible – while still getting close-up shots using Zoom lenses.  Our fixed-position cameras are generally obscured behind available scenery, such as flowers, podiums, trees, or similar.  Our camera operators keep to the sidelines and as out of the way as possible, so as not interfere with your in-person guest’s enjoyment of the ceremony.

Supporting all major streaming platforms

We can broadcast your wedding on YouTube, FaceBook, Twitch and more.  We can even broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously.  Streams can be private (requiring a link, a FaceBook share, or even a password to be accessed) or publicly accessible, at your preference.

Recording available

In addition to your livestream, we also provide the option of having the entire ceremony recorded from multiple angles.

We can provide the complete start-to-finish footage of your ceremony from all of our cameras both on-disk and online. 

You’ll be able to re-live your most precious day together now and for the rest of your lives together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does livestreaming cost?

Our livestreaming services start from $1,500.  The cost will vary depending on a number of factors.  No two weddings are the same, and depending on the venue, style, size, location and other factors, we may need to account for different numbers of camera operators, equipment, and travel costs.

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Can my livestream be private, only allowing invited guests?

Yes!  Your livestream is only accessible to guests you have shared the secret link with.  For an extra layer of privacy, we can also add a password to your livestream on request.

Can my livestream be public, or shared with all of my Facebook friends?

Absolutely!   While most people prefer an invite-only approach, we can also make your livestream public.

If you’d prefer to have your livestream broadcast openly, we can provide a short, sharable link for you to post to your Facebook/Instagram walls, or make it a publicly listed video on FaceBook, YouTube and similar sites.

I have a videographer and/or photographer - can you work alongside them?


Please introduce us to them and we’ll coordinate with them. 

We’re more than happy to share the raw footage from our cameras with them, so they have more to work with for your wedding video.

In some cases, we can even interconnect with their equipment to include their cameras to your livestream.

Can livestreams be accessed in China / other countries?

Yes!  While we generally stream to YouTube and Facebook, we can also stream to many other international sites as well.

Please contact us to confirm if your preferred platform is available.

Do I need to provide an internet connection?

If the venue has an internet connection, we generally prefer to use it (depending on the speed of the link).

For outdoor weddings, or locations where no internet connection is available, we bring our own 4G/5G wireless connection.

Our technician will test the available internet bandwidth on arrival and ensure your livestream runs at the highest quality possible with the available bandwidth.

How reliable is livestreaming?

We take all reasonable endeavours to ensure your livestream is a success.  We bring a redundant internet connection, as well as battery backups on all of our equipment.  We have spares of all key components with us on the day.

That said, in rare cases, it may be possible for the stream may fail due to circumstance beyond our control, such as major internet outages or even an outage on a streaming website/service. 

In the extremely unlikely event that this happens, we will record the ceremony and delay the broadcast until it becomes technically possible to proceed, and as agreed with the couple.

I have relatives in other timezones, can the livestream be delayed/recorded for them?

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…  5AM that is!  When you have livestream guests in other timezones, it’s not always practical for them to watch your ceremony live.

We provide the option of recording your ceremony for later viewing, as well as the option to re-broadcast at a later time.

A re-broadcast is a great option in our opinion, as it keeps the magic of everyone coming together at the same time to watch at the same time.  You can even join in watching with your guests – calling them on Facetime to share the moment with them.

You can check timezones in different locations with World Clock.

Is there a delay on the livestream?

There may be a short delay in livestreams.  This depends on the livesreaming platform, internet performance and other factors. 

Typically the delay is only a few seconds, but in some cases may up to 2 minutes.

How good is the video quality?

We use high end, production-quality cameras to capture your ceremony.  Our primary cameras record in 4K ultra-high-definition, so every fine detail of your ceremony will be captured.

The actual resolution your viewers see will vary depending on their internet connection, as well as internet bandwidth available at the wedding location.

In practice, we typically broadcast in 1080P high-definition, as most internet connections can’t reliably support a 4K stream.

Regardless of the broadcast, when opting for our recording option, we always record your day in full-quality 4K.

I have another question!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask… we love talking about what we do!

We’re available via phone, e-mail, or Facebook messenger.

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