When it comes to catering your wedding there are literally hundreds of different food styles to choose from. Most couples choose a blend of their favorite cuisines, while others choose to focus on a particular theme.

Here are some of the hottest trends in modern wedding catering today…

Global Fusion

  • A showcase of traditional dishes from each family’s home country
  • Multicultural menu with their own rich culinary traditions
  • The menu is made for a celebration of the couple’s family

Organic Everything

  • Organic only ingredients are used, In-season and ethically sourced food
  • Couples care where their food comes from
  • They want to provide their guests with the freshest, farm to table experience.

Miniatures Galore

  • Cocktail style presentation that is pint-sized
  • A fun food trend with out of the box ideas
  • Examples – grilled cheese and tomato soup in a shot glass, salmon and caviar in a tasting spoon

Make it about you

No matter which style or combination you choose, the most important thing is to choose what makes you happy. Your wedding is your special day and everything (the food included) is all about you and your partner-to-be.

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