It’s your wedding day and it has quickly approached. There are some important factors you must not forget to remember. These easily forgotten items can be a huge factor, with your big day running as smoothly as possible. We have created a checklist with the little and big things to remember that are easily forgotten. Our list includes items about you as a couple and items throughout your amazing wedding day.

Make Lists for The Day

Having to-do lists around on the day is very important. This helps people understand what tasks are left to complete and what should be done by the time the ceremony begins. You can have one list or designated lists for your groom, groomsmen or bridesmaids to complete.

Sleep Well and Wake Up Refreshed

Waking up fresh and relaxed is a small detail that can make you feel less stressed for the day to come. We recommend going to sleep at a reasonable hour the night before (we know this can be difficult due to nerves) so you can wake up feeling your best and happiest. Having a Sleepy Tea (our favourite) or Chamomile Tea just before bed can really help calm those nerves before falling asleep.

Get a Good Meal in Early

You’ve heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” – and that goes doubly so for your wedding day. You’re about to spend hours of your day getting ready, and often there isn’t time to stop for lunch. If you have a high protein breakfast with carbs, and then forget to eat during the day while getting prepared this breakfast will help you keep going without having to worry.

Be Ready for Emergencies

An onsite Emergency Kit can come into use for everyone involved on the day. It includes backups for wardrobe malfunctions, table setting issues, guests and vendors. Having these items removes any stress from something going wrong and not having a prompt way of fixing it. At U&I Creative our Emergency Kit is included as standard with our on-the-day services. We have you covered for a huge range of items for all on the day emergencies – from sewing kits to cups, cutlery, batteries and more.

Have Backup Shoes

Footwear is one thing most couples don’t expect to run into trouble with, but often do. We always suggest our brides have a spare pair of shoes (flats or boots). In most cases, it’s due to high heels hurting your feet, or sinking into soft grass. Weather changes are another consideration and you may require sturdy shoes for your wedding photography photos. Another suggestion is for outdoor ceremonies, spare heel stoppers for the bridal party and guests who may find it difficult to walk on grass in high heels due to rain the night before or day of.

Guest Programme

Guest programmes are vital for your guests for them to understand your wedding day. Without a program outlining the day for them, guests can be unsure of timeframes or where they are supposed to be. A program is also a great way for you to communicate give instructions or information you would like guests to know. Social media posting restrictions, canapé menus, guest book signing requests and lists of family members are just some of the things often found in a Programme.

Run Sheets

Run sheets are beneficial to your vendors and bridal parties. It’s also recommended you create two separate run sheets for both parties.

Having a run sheet, no matter the size of your wedding is ideal. If you have this organised for everyone involved in the wedding ceremony and reception this will mean you will have fewer problems and misfortunes on the day. This prevents dealing with confused caterers not knowing where to set up, florist not knowing where flowers are to be and hire companies understanding where to set things up.

Your run sheet will outline contact details for all vendors and timelines so that every little detail should be completed correctly before your arrival on your big day.

Let’s Talk About It

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